Virginia Community College Transfer

Transfer applicants who have successfully completed the equivalent of Virginia Tech's core curriculum requirements, especially those who have completed two years at a Virginia community college, will receive preference in the admission process. Applicants are encouraged to visit Virginia Tech's Transfer Equivalency Database for course equivalents at Virginia community colleges or other two- and four-year institutions.

Recommended VCCS Courses VT Course Application
ECO 202, 201 ECON 2005, 2006
ENG 111, 112 ENGL 1105, 1106
MTH 177  MATH 1114
MTH 263 MATH 1225
Transferable Course (Pathways 5a)2 Pathways Area 5a
BLD 101+231+2471 BC 1214+1224
ARC 131 + 132 BC 2044
ACC 211 ACIS 2115
EGR 206 ISE 2014
PHY 201 PHYS 2205 + 2215
GOL 105 GEOS 1004 +1104
Transferable Course (Pathways 2)2 Pathways Area 2
Transferable Course (Pathways 2)2 Pathways Area 2

1All courses must be taken to receive transfer credit. 

2Please work with BC transfer advisor, Shelton Norwood, to determine.


Alternate Cycle of Study*

The Alternate Cycle for completing a degree in Building Construction is designed for students who enter the program from another department or college/university. The Alternate Cycle is recommended to help reduce the number of additional semesters needed to graduate from Building Construction. It is possible for a student to graduate in two and a half years plus the first summer sessions if they come into VT with above courses completed.

Year 1  Year 2  Year 3
 Sum I  Sum II  Fall  Spring  Fall  Spring  Fall
BC 1214 BC 2014  BC 2024  BC 3114  BC 3134  BC 4434  BC 4444
BC 1224 BC 2114  BC 2064  BC 2044  BC 3064    
     BC 2214        

*Students are strongly recommended to have completed MATH 1225 (Calculus I) and MATH 1114 (Linear Alegbra) prior to starting Alternate Cycle.

Disclaimer: The provisions of this information does not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, between any applicant and The Department of Building Construction at Virginia Tech. The University reserves the right to make changes in fees, policies, procedures, degree requirements, degree offerings, schedules, and other university standards.

BC Transfer Advisor - Shelton Norwood

For a complete understanding of the process please visit

Virginia Tech's Transfer page