Undergraduate Guidebook

This manual is created for the benefit of current and future students of Virginia Tech interested in the Building Construction degree. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Senior Advisor | Gary Kinder | gkinder@vt.edu | 540.231.1320

Transfer and First/Second Year Advisor | Shelton Norwood | snorwood@vt.edu | 540.231.8096

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Building Construction Major

Flowcharts of Tracks of Study:

For Students Graduating in Calendar Year 2022 and For Student Date of Entry 2020/2021

Flowcharts Combined

For Students Graduating in Calendar Year 2021 and Below

BC / Real Estate Double Major (2020),

BC / Real Estate Double Major (2021),

Residential Construction & Development, 

Structural Design,

Sustainable Building Performance,

Virtual Design Construction

Course Offerings by Semester

Courses with C-Requirement

Core Course Descriptions

Simultaneous Area 2 and Area 7 CLEs

How to Run and Read a DARS

BC Accelerated Undergraduate / Graduate Degree Program (4 + 1)

Construction Minor

The Construction Minor (BCMN), offered through the Virginia Tech Department of Building Construction, is being discontinued.  The last term for any student to ENROLL in the Minor is Spring 2020.  The last term in which a student in the minor can graduate with the minor as part of their degree program will be Fall 2022. Current BCMN Minors should work directly with Academic Advisors in the Building Construction Department, to ensure their timely completion of all course requirements.  Students interested in adding the Minor should contact Shelton Norwood, snorwood@vt.edu PRIOR TO the end of the Spring Semester 2020.  A consultation with him will determine whether or not you will be eligible to add the minor, and to complete the requirements and graduate with your current degree, by the Fall semester 2022.Any student returning from time away from the University, who is presently pursuing the minor, will be asked to work with the BC Advisors to ensure their degree and minor completion by the termination date of Fall 2022.

 See checksheet here. 

Other Minors at Virginia Tech 

Please refer to the Minor Checksheets of the university for the most up-to-date information about any minor.

VT Minor Checksheets