Student Employment

According to U.S. employment projections, as overall construction activity increases over the coming decade (2012 - 2022), the employment of construction managers and specialists is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations.


Those with a bachelor's degree in construction science, construction management, or construction/civil engineering, coupled with construction experience, will have excellent job prospects. The Department of Building Construction has seen 100% job placement by our graduates for the last 5 years.

Students and graduates are obtaining internships and jobs in various traditional CM positions such as Field Engineers, Project Managers, Estimators, and Field Superintendents. Students are also obtaining jobs in development, real estate, IT, and others. The median starting salary for BC graduates is $69,000.

See this link for a complete breakdown of Spring 22 positions. 

Career Fairs

The Building Construction Department, in conjunction with the Myers Lawson School of Construction, sponsors two Construction Career Fairs annually. One is held during the fall semester, the other in the spring semester. The Construction Internship and Career Fair provide the construction industry the opportunity to meet students for career employment, summer internships, and co-op opportunities. BC students are highly sought after by these companies and this is realized in our placement data.

Twice a year, in conjunction with the career fairs, students submit their resumes for internship, co-op, and graduate hire consideration. These resumes are assembled into electronic PDF files and distributed to companies attending the career fairs.

Prior to the career fair and the collection of resumes, resume writing and career fair protocol workshops are provided by the department to aid students and help them prepare professionally. Companies find this list of resumes to be of extreme value, often using these to pre-set interviews prior to coming to campus.


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Post Graduation Reports

Note that "placement" is the term used in federal reporting requirements. Career centers typically do not use the term "placement" because this implies an action taken on a student's behalf by someone else who controls decision-making. Employment decisions and graduate school admission decisions are not controlled by career centers. Please note the date of data collection as frequently students do not retake the assessment after accepting a job. For more information, please visit the Post Graduate Survey and Report website. 

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