Yvan Beliveau, PhD, PE

Yvan Beliveau, PhD, PE

Professor Emeritus
Yvan is our go-to person when it comes to IDP and wine tasting ...

Yvan spent 10 years in the CEM program within the CEE Department at Virginia Tech. He received his BSCE and MSCE (Concentration in Manufacturing Engineering) from the University of Vermont and his Ph.D. (Construction Engineering and Management) from Purdue University. He has worked in various capacities within the construction industry ranging from the organizational-macro view of project manager, and owner; to the micro view of getting the job done as tradesman, foreman, and superintendent. He is a cofounder of a high tech laser positioning company that specialized in advanced technology for the construction industry and manufacturing that was recently sold. He and his wife operate a B&B and event center (Maison Beliveau) in Blacksburg. He also is a principal in a land development company in Blacksburg, Va. He holds a Class A contractors license in Virginia and he is a registered P.E. in Vermont and Virginia. Dr. Beliveau has more than 100 refereed and conference papers. He holds 27 national and international patents. Dr. Beliveau has been involved in integrated project delivery (IPD) for much of his academic career. From work on CAD to construction process integration; to advanced tool for product integration with laser based positioning technology; and bringing a product to market. Recent work in industrialization for production homebuilding with HUD and NSF has focused on IPD. The work has resulted in significant improvement for several participating production homebuilders and significant insight into design-manufacturing-assembly integration for a production home building utilizing rapid build project.

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