Fall 2019 Capstones

Pictured Joseph O'Neal, James Kirby, Brendan Wrynn, Chad Hairston, Seung Woo, and Scott Baker not pictured.

The Fall 2019 Design/Build Capstone Project took place on Thursday, December 12, 2019, in Bishop-Favrao Hall. The Fall 2019 capstone project scope included the design and construction services for a Senior Care Housing and Dining Project located on a 2.8-acre site in Great Falls, Virginia. The project consists of the design and construction of a 62-unit living and dining facility. The developer, Verity Commercial and Herman Diebler Jr. provided the program, draft RFP and approved design drawings for the project. As a part of the RFP, Verity requested the Design/Build Contractor to evaluate three alternatives each for the project structure and HVAC system(s). The proposed building totaled 54,117SF and included 62 units.

Bidding teams were evaluated by members and guests of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction's Industry Board and the Alumni Committee. Evaluators were asked to rate how close to industry standard each team performed on the technical content of their proposal and the delivery of their presentation. When asked about the project, presenter Joseph O’Neal said, “Capstone is a great experience as you prepare for leaving the academic world and entering the industry. It is a notable experience where students have the chance to demonstrate everything they learned throughout their college career, in a way that mirrors what the industry does every day.”

All presenting teams performed exceptionally. They were professional, well-versed, and the final scores of the top three teams were within 5% of one another. The first-place team consisted of Scott Baker, Chad Hairston, James Kirby, Joseph O’Neal, Seung Woo, and Brendan Wrynn. The second-place team consisted of Kayla Bonish, Austin Huber, Will Kirschke, Mike Poppalardo, and Ashby Thompson. The third-place team consisted of Nicholas Elvinger, Tim Kearney, Elizabeth O’Dell, Caleb Smith, and Robert Witte. Congratulations to all teams for their hard work and performance.

Many thanks to Herman Diebler Jr. and Verity Commercial for providing this project and giving students the opportunity to implement all they have learned in a real-world example. We greatly appreciate the involvement of our industry board members, alumni committee, faculty, and guests. We are fortunate to have outstanding participation from our industry and cannot emphasize our appreciation enough.