How to Run and Read a DARS

How do I get a DARS Report?

To get an accurate DARS Report, you must apply for graduation. You can now do this online by following this procedure:

Note: You apply for your degree in the order of your majors. For example, if Building Construction is your only major, go ahead and apply for it. If it's your first major, apply for it first, then apply for your second major. If it's your second major, apply for your first major first, then apply for Building Construction.

  1. Log on to Hokie SPA. (A new window will open).
  2. Click on the "Degree Menu" link. A new page will open.
  3. Choose "Undergraduate" from the menu. A new page will open, and you might have to click "Undergraduate" again.
    When the next window opens, it will have a button that asks you to apply for a particular degree. Choose according to the Note mentioned above.
  4. Select "Apply" for your major(s) in their appropriate order (first major first, second major second, etc.). A new page will open that asks for specific information about your degree.
  5. Make appropriate selections on the informational page:
    Select your graduation date (ex. Spring 2013) You can change this date at any time.Select wheter this is your first major or second major, etc.Select whether you will attend graduation and when (note: to simplify matters indicated that you WILL attend)
  6. Submit information[At this point, the system might ask you for your permanent address. If so, please provide that info.]

Once you've completed this process for each major you have, your name will automatically be entered on the apropriate graduation list and a DARS report will be available for you. If your audit does not appear when you request to view audit, click "Refresh the List" until it appears.

How do you read the DARS report?

The DARS report does look a bit complicated, but actually it's pretty easy to read.

  • The top portion lists basic info: your name, student number, major, intended graduation date (check to see if this is correct! If it's not, let the Registrar know).
  • Near the top of the report, it will indicate whether your requirements have been completed. Usually, unless you're getting ready to graduate, they won't be!
  • Then it will indicate how many credits you will need to take in order to graduate. This can be confusing, I admit, because the report will list two sets of numbers--one that counts the courses you're presently taking and one that doesn't. Hover you mouse over the pie chart and the numbers will be revealed. You can find your University GPA and your In Major GPA in the bar graph to the right. Click "Open All Sections" under the bar graph.
  • Beyond that, the next section will include info on foreign language, GPA requirements, Writing Intensive, and CLE requirements. Scan these sections carefully. If you see a check sign by each main heading, you're good to go. If, however, you run across a X sign, this means something is missing or unfulfilled. If you find a X sign you disagree with, make an appointment to sit down with me or you can call the Registrar's Office on your own to double check.
  • Then you'll find a section that lists major requirements. This section tells you what you've completed--and what you still have left to do--in order to fulfill the major requirements.
  • Beyond that, you'll find sections for minors(if you have one) and free electives.
  • Bottom line: look for check mark signs and OKs, which mean that requirements are complete, and for X signs and NOs, which means that requirements are NOT complete. If you have any question about your DARS report, ask your advisor.

What is a DARS report?

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is a computer generated report for undergraduate students that matches the requirements of a degree program with a student's course work taken. The audit identifies those graduation requirements that are completed as well as those requirements that still need to be completed.

Do I have to apply for graduation before I can get a DARS report?

You can request a "What-If" DARS report without ever having applied for graduation. However, if any substitutions have been made they will not show up on a "What-If" report.

The DARS report says I haven't completed all requirements for X, but I think that I have done so. What do I need to do to take care of this?

You will need come in to talk with the Academic Coordinator. Sometimes the problem arises from paperwork that hasn't been completed -- a substitution, a declaration, or whatever -- and it can be fixed on the spot. Sometimes, though, the matter will have to be handled by the Registrar. Bottom line: if it can't be fixed here then it will have to handled by the Registrar.