MS in Building Construction Science and Management

The Master of Science in Building Construction at Virginia Tech offers the opportunity for advanced study and research in specialized areas related to building design, construction, and operations over a broad range of scales providing the basis for diverse career paths and/or entry into a Ph.D. level program. Coursework includes core courses and electives in construction-, design-, and business-related disciplines. Students may complete their degree requirements either through independent investigation on a subject of their own interest through a faculty-supervised Thesis or Project & Report (Research Track), or through a final exit examination administered by a graduate faculty committee (Industry Track). An accelerated graduate/undergraduate program option is also available for exceptional undergraduate students in Building Construction or related fields at Virginia Tech. The degree is designed to be completed in 3 semesters. 

Industry Track

The Industry Track offers opportunities for students who are interested in a career in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry after graduation. This track allows students to explore the key topics and issues that face the AEC industry, working closely with faculty and industry leaders. Students in this track may customize their course of study though their choice of elective courses both inside and outside the School of Construction, as well as through independent study working directly with faculty. Internships, executive shadowing experiences, and extracurricular opportunities round out the industry track experience, resulting in students who are well-prepared to develop cutting edge solutions to industry challenges and carry their companies forward into the future. Students will complete their degree in this track with a final oral exit exam administered by a graduate faculty committee.

Research Track

The Research Track offers students the opportunity to explore an industry problem at a more detailed level, or who are considering further study at the doctoral level as part of their future career goals. This track offers both, the basic coursework to equip graduates for a construction career, as well as a chance to focus on a specific problem of interest in higher detail through a faculty-supervised one-semester project or two-semester thesis. Students in this track may customize their course of study using electives both inside and outside the School of Construction, and will form an individual faculty advisory committee choosing three faculty with complementary expertise to supervise their research in the problem area of their interest. Students in this track have the opportunity to interact with industry through internships as well as working directly with companies to complete their research investigations. Graduates of this track will be equipped to pursue fast-track careers in industry or in academia through further study.