Enrollment Requirements

All graduate students using University resources are required to be continuously enrolled during the academic year, unless on an approved leave of absence or in absentia status. A person who undertakes any form of academic study within the University facilities other than the library, or who consults regularly with a faculty member concerning graduate work, must be registered continuously and pay the normal fees. The number of credit hours taken should reflect the extent of a student's study or research activity.

Individuals not enrolled cease to be students and do not have access to University facilities. Graduate students who need to break continuous enrollment can do so by applying for a leave of absence or by participating in programs and activities approved by the Graduate School that require absence from the University (in absentia status). Students who fail to follow this process will be resigned from the university by the Graduate School, and will then need to apply for readmission in order to continue their studies. Readmission requires a positive recommendation from each student's home academic unit, and is not guaranteed.

Student Responsibilities for Enrollment

Graduate students are permitted to take a maximum of 18 credit hours per semester. Students who have a fellowship, scholarship, or graduate assistantship, including GAs, GTAs, and GRAs, must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester during the academic year. Unfunded students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester. Audited courses are not counted toward these minimum requirements.

Each student is responsible for verifying his/her enrollment in courses and for making any necessary changes to that enrollment. Students should verify enrollment in classes during the first week of the semester, when any necessary changes can be made electronically. Students should work closely with their advisory committee to establish an approved plan of study as soon as possible.

Courses taken without an approved plan of study are at the student’s own risk and may not necessarily be approved to count in the official plan of study. An approved plan of study requires endorsement by all members of the student’s advisory committee, the Graduate Chair in Building Construction, and the Graduate School. All courses on the Plan of Study, including supporting courses, must be taken on a letter grade (A/F) basis except for those courses approved to be graded on a pass­fail (P/F) basis only. Audit courses cannot be included on the Plan of Study. The plan is not approved until all endorsements are in place. Students may verify the final graduate school approval of their plan of study online in HokieSpa. Students are subject to departmental course requirements in force at the time their plan of study is approved.

Summer Enrollment

Unless enrolled in required supporting courses prior to their first semester or otherwise taking courses toward their plan of study, graduate students are not required to enroll during summer sessions. In particular, students working on research during the summer are not required to sign up for BC 5994/EDP 7994 courses. Graduate students on an assistantship but not registered over the summer may obtain permission to use campus facilities