EDP Degree Requirements

All EDP students must satisfy the Graduate School requirements for maximum or minimum credit hours in accordance with graduate school policy as indicated in the Graduate Catalog under Policies for Credit Hour Requirements.


  • A minimum of ninety (90) credit hours is required for the degree, at least thirty (30) hours of which must be coursework.
  • Twelve (12) core credit hours are required of all students to cover basic requirements of Theory, Pedagogy, and Research Methodology. Additional courses will be determined in conjunction with the student’s advisory committee.
  • All students are recommended to take CNST 5084: Methods in Construction Research during their first spring semester of residency to obtain an orientation to requirements and expectations for construction research.

For a list of all degree requirements for the Ph.D. Degree in EDP please consult the

EDP Degree Requirements Checklist

Students should plan to work with their advisor and advisory committee to determine an individualized Plan of Study that meets university and departmental requirements and provides the necessary point of departure for their dissertation research.

For the various types of coursework options that may or may not count towards degree requirements, please visit:

Coursework Options