Final Research Document Submission

(M.S. Research Track and Ph.D. students only)

After successfully completing the final defense of research, all research students must submit final revised copies of their written work for archiving by the University. For M.S. Thesis and doctoral students, when the final exam is approved, an ETD archiving fee will be assessed to their student account. No fee will be assessed for students archiving their Project & Report in the departmental archive.

M.S. Thesis-Option and all Ph.D. students will submit their work using the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) option within the Electronic Signature System. Following the exam of the thesis/dissertation, students must upload their thesis or Dissertation within 2 weeks of the final exam. Any applicable supporting documentation for the ETD (such as copyright permission letters to reproduce items, IRB approval or exemption notices, UMI form, Survey of Earned Doctorates) must also be submitted to the Graduate School within 2 weeks of the exam as well.

M.S. students completing the Project & Report option must submit their work into the Departmental VTechWorks archive within two weeks of the final examination. VTechWorks is Virginia Tech’s Google Scholar-indexed electronic repository. Work such as reports, papers, presentations, and other intellectual products not restricted by publisher copyright can be archived in VTechWorks and are accessible and easily found by anyone searching for scholarly works in Google Scholar. Instructions for submitting to the departmental archive are available here.