Research Track Advisory Committee

Students in MS Research Track are advised by a committee of their own selection that is customized to support their specific research interests and methods.  

    Research Track Degree Milestones

    To meet the Plan of Study requirements and deadlines, Research Track students must obtain the commitment of a faculty advisor to serve as their committee chair.

    First Semester
    • Research Track students should actively meet with potential advisors and review information about current faculty research during their first semester in order to identify and obtain the commitment of a primary faculty advisor. The primary advisor serves as the chair for the Advisory Committee supervising the student’s research and will also provide guidance and advice on coursework and other activities in which students can partake to achieve their personal and academic goals while pursuing their degree.
    • Students should prepare a research abstract as soon as possible and no later than the beginning of their second semester. The abstract should be prepared in conjunction with the advisor and is used to recruit committee members, beginning early in the second semester.
    Second Semester
    • Students must choose a major advisor and obtain the agreement of that faculty member to serve in this role no later than their second semester.
    • In addition to the major advisor who serves as the committee chair, a minimum of two additional faculty must serve on the advisory committee. Students must also obtain agreement of these additional faculty to serve on their advisory committee no later than the end of the second semester of study.
    • All committee members indicate their formal commitment to serve via their signatures on the student’s Plan of Study, which is due before the completion of 15 credit hours.
    • The approved Plan of Study including all required documentation should then be submitted to the Building Construction Graduate Chair, who will review and approve the document and submit it for Graduate School approval. 
    Other Semesters

    The schedule for Advisory Committee meetings for an M.S. students is determined by the student’s progress and degree completion goals. Typically, committee meetings may be held

    • to review a student’s plan of study and preliminary research proposal,
    • to hear the proposal defense,
    • to conduct a pre-­defense, and
    • to conduct the final defense.

    The Graduate School requires that the committee convene in real time for the final defense/final examination. All other meetings may be conducted asynchronously, with the student and/or faculty advisor coordinating activities and documenting outcomes. It is the student’s responsibility to keep all committee members informed of progress, particularly any challenges or changes that occur as the research progresses. The means for reporting progress is at the discretion of the committee and may include written updates, individual meetings with committee members, or meetings of the entire committee together.

    Additional limitations and requirements of faculty committees are described under Choosing an Advisor and Advisory Committee in the Graduate Guidebook.