Graduate Application Process

Application Submission


Please NOTE: The MS-BCSM is NOT a DHS designated STEM program*.


The application to our graduate program is formally submitted through the Virginia Tech

Graduate School Application Portal

To get more information on the application process please visit

How to Apply

Before submitting your application, please be sure to make yourself familiar with the submission format – in other words, what we expect to see in each section of your application:

Graduate Application Content

Departmental Deadlines

All required documents must be received in the Graduate School by the BC Department's application deadline in order for the application to be complete. Please note that these deadlines are earlier than the latest possible deadlines listed on the Graduate School's website

Term Degree(s) Application Deadlines  Decision Deadlines
  Students for early decision funding January 1 January 15
  Students seeking funding April 1 April 15
  International students not seeking funding April 1 April 15
  Domestic students not seeking funding July 1 July 15
SPRING PhD EDP only    
  Students seeking funding September 1 September 15
  International students and not seeking funding September 1 September 15
  Domestic students not seeking funding December 1 December 15

 (*) Exceptions may be granted for military applicants to pursue a MS-BCSM Spring enrollment.

Admission Review

Admission for graduate study at Virginia Tech is granted through the Graduate School upon recommendation by the Department of Building Construction. The posted deadlines are the latest possible dates that an application will be considered. Students applying after these deadlines can request to be considered for admission in the subsequent year (deferral of application).

Please apply as early as possible. All students wishing to be considered for assistantship funding should apply no later than the international deadlines for admission, and should directly contact faculty as soon as possible with whom they are interested to work to discuss their interests and funding needs.

  • Early decisions on students requesting to be considered  on competative funding will be made in January.
  • Final decisions on students requesting funding will be made based on remaining funding available shortly after the international application window closes.
  • Individual decisions for students applying without request to be considered for funding are made on an ongoing basis.

Starting Dates

Students are expected to arrive on campus a week before classes start. Other steps to be taken before students arrive a documented in the New Students section.

For exact dates when each semester starts and ends please check the applicable Academic Calendar


*) The M.S. in Building/Construction Science & Management is acredited with CIP Code 52.2001, which is currently NOT listed as STEM Designated Degree Program according to the DHS list.