Application for Degree

Students planning to graduate must file an Application for Degree to have their names appear in the Commencement program and to obtain a diploma. The fee for the Application for Degree can be found on the Graduate School’s web site.

The Application for Degree form must be submitted electronically through HokieSpa in accordance with Graduate School deadlines. Deadlines vary based on whether you intend to participate in commencement during your final semester or in a subsequent semester.

Ph.D. students unable to meet deadlines for degree completion in time to participate in commencement during their final semester will have their degrees officially awarded by the Graduate School at the end of the following semester, and may participate in commencement exercises during a subsequent semester of their choosing. M.S. students do not receive diplomas during commencement and can therefore participate in the ceremony even if they have not completed all requirements by the specified deadlines.

Deadlines exist for the following major milestones:

  • Application for Degree in HokieSpa (Ph.D. and M.S.)
  • Final defense/final examination (Ph.D. and M.S.)
  • Submission of Electronic Thesis/Dissertation (Ph.D. and M.S. Research Track-Thesis option only)

All deadlines must be met for a given semester to be awarded your degree in that semester. Students who file an Application for Degree but are unable to complete all requirements in time are responsible to submit a new Application for the appropriate term.