Force-Add Procedures

Force Add Policy

To force add a BC course to your schedule, please use the force add link provided. Please read the instructions carefully.  A force add request does not guarantee placement in the course. Please do not submit multiple requests for the same class.  Incomplete forms will not be processed. The BC department can only force add BC classes.

If there is an OPEN section for the course you wish to add, you will not be able to force add a full section. You must add one of the open sections. 

Please note that if a course has a prerequisite listed you must have successfully completed the prerequisite before trying to force add a course. Force adds may be necessary for a class in which you are awaiting pending transfer credit.

Even if you submit a force/add request for a BC course, you should still continue to try to add it through the drop/add mechanism when it is available.




Contact the home department of the course in which you wish to force add. 
If you need an outside course force added then you must follow the procedures for that specific department. Check the department's website as different policies exist throughout campus.  (e.g., if it is a PHYS class, contact the Physics department). You do not need your advisor to sign the form.