Facility Use & Guidelines

The Department of Building Construction has been located in Bishop-Favrao Hall since 2007, and shares this facility with faculty and staff of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction. This 31,600 GSF facility is located on the main campus of Virginia Tech and was specifically designed with large open work spaces and conference and meeting rooms in order to foster a collaborative atmosphere. The building houses the Department's administrative and faculty offices and provides classroom spaces, seminar rooms, and studios for innovative construction education. The facility also contains state-of-the-art laboratory spaces, including testing labs, wet labs, a 6,000 sf machine and fabrication shop, and workshops for assembly of construction systems. Lab space also includes a 250 sf visualization lab, a controlled ventilated welding lab space, and a 5,000 sf external facility and yard available at the CAUS Research & Demonstration Facility located in nearby Prices Fork.


Multiple public spaces are available in Bishop-Favrao Hall for use by construction students. These include lobby areas on the second floor outside the main classrooms, the third floor studio area, and lobby areas on the fourth floor. Areas inside the fourth floor Graduate Studio are reserved for funded graduate students performing work on sponsored research or serving as Teaching Assistants.

All public areas, especially the third floor undergraduate studio, are intended to be a professional level, flexible student social work area where students can freely engage in reading, studying, doing homework, working on projects, or relaxing between classes.

While working in public areas of Bishop-Favrao Hall, students and visitors should conduct themselves in a professional manner with mutual respect for the faculty and others who may be working in the same areas.

The following guidelines apply to use of all public spaces in Bishop-Favrao Hall at all times.

Facility Use Guidelines


Research and Education Equipment

Fixed Assets & Equipment Policy

Major equipment available for research and education in this facility includes a fully equipped wood and metal shop, a 6,000 lb forklift, a laser scanner for digitally scanning buildings and large objects, a 3-D rapid prototype machine for digital solid modeling of computer models, and digital modeling computer hardware capable of rapidly visualizing building information models. All classrooms are equipped with digital projectors and display equipment. A variety of other research-related equipment ranging from infrared cameras to sensor arrays and data loggers is also maintained by the department for research purposes.

Procedure to Reserve a Conference Room

All students must complete the form below to reserve conference rooms in Bishop-Favrao Hall. Copies of the form are printed on green paper and located on the wall outside the Administrative offices on the 4th floor of BFH. The form must be completed and turned to staff in 430F or 430J. 

Conference Room Reservation Form