EDP Coursework Requirements

The EDP degree requirements have been structured so that graduate students admitted to the program may obtain an advanced degree in construction building on diverse backgrounds, experience, or prior degrees. A minimum of 90 credit hours is required for the degree, at least 30 hours of which must be coursework.


All EDP students must satisfy the Graduate School requirements for maximum or minimum credit hours in accordance with graduate school policy as indicated in the Graduate Catalog under Policies and Procedures/Credit Hour Requirements.


Twelve core credit hours are required of all students to cover basic requirements of Theory, Pedagogy, and Research Methodology. Three additional seminar credits are recommended to provide an overview of the construction industry and academic inquiry in the field. Additional courses will be determined in conjunction with the student’s advisory committee.

Students should plan to work with their advisor and advisory committee to determine an individualized plan of study that meets university and departmental requirements and provides the necessary point of departure for their dissertation research. All students are recommended to take CNST 5084: Methods in Construction Research during their first spring semester of residency to obtain an orientation to requirements and expectations for construction research.


Supporting Courses

Incoming students without a U.S. construction background may be encouraged or required to take supporting courses dependent upon their academic background and work experience. These courses may or may not count toward degree credit requirements. Specific supporting course requirements will be identified during the qualifying examination taken during spring semester of their first year of residency.

Elective Opportunities

Students may take a variety of additional courses on topics of interest, including electives from the Department of Building Construction or the Myers-Lawson School of Construction, electives from other departments at Virginia Tech, study abroad and service learning courses, independent study courses, and special study courses. Graduate students are permitted to choose electives subject to the minimum requirements set forth in the Plan of Study and any course prerequisites required for individual courses of interest. Descriptions of courses that can be potentially counted as electives for graduate credit are listed by department in the graduate school catalog. Note that this listing shows all courses currently approved to be taught by the university, but all courses are not necessarily offered on a regular basis by each department. Students should consult directly with the offering department for courses of interest to determine the semester(s) in which those courses will be taught when developing the Plan of Study.


EDP Coursework Requirements Checksheet


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