Computer Requirements

2021-2022 Computer Requirements

BC Computer Specifications: Windows Laptop

The Department of Building Construction's computer specifications requires a powerful laptop with strong graphic processing capabilities. Many of the classes involve architectural and structural modeling of buildings, and 4D construction simulations using tools such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks.

Mac computers are strongly discouraged since major modeling software, such as Revit, does not run
natively on these platforms. Students who are interested to use Mac should do it at their own risk and
familiarize themselves with BootCamp or Parallels Desktop.

OS Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro edition, 64-bit version
CPU Multicore Xeon or i-5/7 Series processor or AMD equivalent (highest affordable CPU
speed rating recommended)
Memory (RAM) 16 GB or higher
Hard Disk Drive 500 GB or larger recommended SSD drive
Graphics DirectX 11 capable graphics card with Shader Model 5 as recommended by Autodesk for Revit software application. See Autodesk compatible computers.
Peripherals External Mouse, built-in or external webcam
Wireless See university requirements (
Backup Any method, e.g., external hard drive, cloud storage, etc.


3 Year onsite with accidental damage coverage (recommend 4 years)

Included Products: Microsoft Windows Operating System with Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus

Note 1: To be successful, the department recommends the purchase of a printer, mouse, and monitor. A computer that supports digital inking is useful.

Note 2:  All BC students will be billed for the software bundle through Information Technology Acquisitions. The 5% VA sales tax will be added to all orders. Please see this link for more details.

Download REquirements
Required Software Bundle 2021-22
  • Microsoft Office Enterprise from the undergraduate bundle (Latest version)
  • Microsoft Project (Latest version)
  • Microsoft Visio (Latest version)