Build Lab Facility Use Limitations & Requirements

In order to be permitted to use shop areas in Bishop-Favrao Hall, students must successfully complete safety training requirements. You must get 80% on each quiz in order to use the shop.

  1. Go to the Virginia Tech EHSS web site and access the View Training Profile in the center of the web page. This should bring up the training modules that you must complete, click on to register and take the training. You may already be registered or you may have to self-register. It should be self-evident when you log on. I believe that you have a maximum of three opportunities for each module. Pay attention, note wisely, and test wisely. Allow about 30 minutes/module of undivided non multi-tasking time.
  2. You need to take the courses listed for you and should consist of those noted below. These courses are PPT style tutorials. These should be marked and linked for you, if not go locate them and take them. Take the following courses:
      • Portable Fire Extinguishers
      • Personal Protective Equipment Awareness
      • Machine Shop Safety
      • Ladder Safety
      • Electrical Awareness

Additional training is required to be allowed to supervise others in the use of the lab and shop area. Students expecting to require supervisory qualification as part of Teaching Assistantship duties should contact the Shop Safety Coordinator to obtain the latest requirements.

Verification by the Shop Safety Coordinator of successful completion of these training courses is required prior to use of the shop space.
Please notify the Shop Safety Coordinator at least 1-2 days prior to desired use of the shop space to allow time for verification and documentation of training.