Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements for Freshmen

Before student can be considered for freshman admission, they must complete:

  • 18 units of high-school course work
  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of math (includes algebra I, geometry, and algebra II)
  • 2 units of laboratory science (chosen from biology, chemistry or physics)
  • 2 units of social science (one must be history)
  • 3 additional academic units (foreign language is highly recommended)
  • 4 elective units

If students have already graduated high school and have attempted 12 or more credits at the college/university level, then they should apply as a transfer applicant. If credits were attempted or completed in high school, they are still first-year applicants.

When a student's application is complete, it will be reviewed holistically by VT's admissions committee. The committee will look at the achievement inside of the classroom, as well as who the students are outside of the classroom. This includes looking at an application within the context of the respective high school. The committee will consider a school’s course offerings, grading scale, and any other school-related information provided to review the student's academic achievement.

For more information, please visit the
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