Mission & Goals of Program

The Department of Building Construction at Virginia Tech is a premier source for dynamic, practical, and innovative building construction knowledge balanced with academic inquiry in undergraduate, graduate, and professional education.

The Department's Mission

"Partner with industry in the co-evolution of our curriculum to meet future demands and needs of construction while remaining as current as feasible in technology, processes, and delivery methods."

The Department's GOALS

Goal 1: Provide opportunities for students to gain employment in the construction industry after graduation.

Objective 1.1: Provide students with opportunities to participate in Career Fairs that specifically focus on employment in the construction industry

Objective 1.2: Expose students to a variety of construction and engineering companies during the Career Fairs. 

Goal 2: Provide opportunities for students to establish an area of specialization in a construction discipline.

Objective 2.1: Maintain enrollment in at least two specialization areas

Goal 3: Place students in industry positions where they can achieve field and office leadership roles.

Objective 3.1: Support job placement for students interested in entering the construction industry after graduation