Outstanding Students

Our student ambassadors are outgoing and enthusiastic leaders and dedicated scholars of the BC community. These ambassadors help with high school recruitment, assist with transfer information sessions, and mentor new and prospective students to the department. They also volunteer their time to particulate in the Undergraduate Admissions Open House during the school year.



Major: Building Construction

Hometown: Richmond, VA

About me: Brian transferred to Virginia Tech from J. Sargent Reynolds Community College in Fall 2015. As an ambassador, he is especially passionate about aiding other prospective transfer students. Brian is a student Leader in the MLSoC Mentorship Program. He is also a member of Design-Build Competition Team for 2016.

Email:   alfarob@vt.edu



Major: Building Construction

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia 

About Me: Most of the time you will see me in uniform as I am a member of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. In the VTCC, I am a proud member of the Regimental Band: The Highty-Tighties. Somehow I managed to be accepted into the band with no knowledge of music but from this experience I have learned and experienced so much. When I am not in uniform I am a lover of all music and gamer at heart who loves messing around with technology and my custom-built desktop. I also have a passion for all things cars and I currently have a love-hate (mostly love) relationship with a beautiful 1965 Mustang. 

Somehow I've managed to find myself in the school of construction after coming to Tech with mechanical engineering in mind. Although fairly new to the school and the industry of construction, I believe I have found home in construction which fits me well. I look forward to forging new relationships in the industry and within the school of construction so if you see me don't be afraid to say hi!

Email: web65@vt.edu



Major: Building Construction

Hometown: Sterling, VA

About Me: I am a sophomore majoring in Building Construction. I am a member and an Event Chair Coordinator with the Building Women in Construction at Virginia Tech. I am a yogi and I also very much enjoy hiking and exploring the Appalachian Trails during my free time.

Email: dao0675@vt.edu



Major: Double Major in Building Construction and Real Estate

Hometown: Marietta, Ohio

About Me: As the team captain for the ASC Commercial Building Construction Student Competition team, I believe in mixing work and fun. Getting to utilize the skills and knowledge I've learned through classes and internship experience in a situation like these competitions is a great opportunity to tie everything together while having a good time with some friends.Additionally, I am a fan of nearly anything outdoors. A few of my favorite activities are skiing, running, and playing sand volleyball. 

Email: samgarri@vt.edu



Major: Building Construction VDC

Hometown: Cartersville, VA

About Me: I am a Building Construction student with a concentration in Virtual Design Construction and BIM Modeling. I'm mostly interested in the Heavy Civil and Commercial industry. I am a competitor in the Heavy Civil Division of the Associated Schools of Construction Student Competition. The competition is a rewarding experience. I am a member of Constructors Consortium. I play the cymbals in the Highty Tighties (the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Regimental Band). In pursuit of an Air Force career, i'm also in Air Force ROTC. I'm a member of Robert Femoyer Service Squadron which is a service organization also dedicated to professional development for Air Force cadets. I'm an Event's Co-Chair for the Black Organizations Council. Whenever I have free time, I enjoy playing basketball.

Email: isaiahj7@vt.edu



Major: Building Construction

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

About Me: I'm a Junior majoring in Building Construction with a focus in Sustainable Building Performance. I am involved with the Student Government Association as the At-Large Representative, a co-ed service fraternity (Epsilon Sigma Alpha) as Recruitment Chair, and a social fraternity (Delta Sigma Phi) at Virginia Tech. Outside the classroom I'm an incredibly easy going individual. I like to workout at McComas regularly, run the Huckleberry Trail, watch movies, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Email: austtk8@vt.edu




Major: Building Construction

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

About Me: I declared Building Construction as my major just recently this summer and I am currently the Fundraising Chair for Building Goodness Foundation here at Virginia Tech. I am very excited to learn new things every day about the world of construction and to encourage others to take an interest in this path as well.  Outside of school, I am an avid puppy lover and I am currently raising Lance, a service dog in training. I am also a huge fan of the Washington Redskins and a huge hater of the Dallas Cowboys. In my free time, I enjoy ordering take out or making fried chicken, while binge watching Law and Order: SVU.

Email: hannahl6@vt.edu



Major: Building Construction

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Columbia, SC

About me: My focus in Building Construction is Sustainable Building Performance. I am a co-founder and the treasurer of Building Women in Construction (BWIC) and an alumna of Alpha Kappa Psi: Professional Business Fraternity. Outside of classes, I am a K-12 math and reading tutor around the New River Valley area. In my spare time, I enjoy many outdoor activities (hiking, rafting, playing sports, etc.) and I also love traveling.

Email: jmcnair1@vt.edu


Major: Building Construction

Minor: Film

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

About me:  I am a jazz drummer and a classical pianist. I want to pursue a career heavily involved with the built environment. I am bilingual in French and English. Why VT? This is a challenging school with an education I feel confident will prepare me for my career. Why Construction? Your work in construction has a tangible sense of permanence. Coupled with my love for design, I would love to see the building go up.

Email: rmidura1@vt.edu


Major: Building Construction & Real Estate

Hometown: Plymouth, MA

About me: 

Double in Building Construction and Real Estate
About Me: I'm a sophomore from Plymouth, Massachusetts. I came to Tech to pursue a career in the management aspect of construction and hope to be working within a city once I graduate. My favorite classes within BC are the classes where I have to work with a team to achieve a goal because that is essentially what I will be doing in the real world. Outside of class I participate in a lot of different community service and outreach through the Big Event and several different philanthropies.


Email: aidan14@vt.edu